BubaLapa® Brand: African art prints and fashion by Happiness

Happiness is a brand called BubaLapa


We helped thousands of people paint for the first time as a form of relaxation, and they enjoyed every second of it. Let us help you eliminate fear and have you painting for stress relieve.

Painting is a form of relaxation, and it relieves stress. Often, I hear people say, "I wish I too can paint, but I cannot draw a line to save my life." With our predrawn canvases, no one must draw to save their lives. We help you skip the tedious and sometimes uninteresting phase of creating preliminary sketches needed to guide your painting process. Painting has become easier and enjoyable for all!

We are doing our little part to save lives by creating smiles with pre printed lines of happiness.

Check out our collection of beautiful easy to paint art printed on our professional quality canvases made specially with your comfort and happiness in mind. Also check out our ready to hang wall art and lifestyle accessories that brings happiness to your home.


BubaLapa® is an art fashion lifestyle brand manufacturing fun art supplies and a private label apparel clothier inspired by the best of African art.

 We are artist owned and love to help you have fun through art, awaken your creativity and help discover the artsy side of you. We believe art gives happiness so, we pride ourselves in manufacturing unique art supplies that make you relax and find happiness. 

We are into design and manufacturing of educational art supplies, art toys for all ages, digital printing on hard surfaces and production of art prints. Our products includes paint by number canvases, pre-printed DIY canvases, and art kits for Do-It-Yourself home activities.

Popular in this line are our Bubalapa predrawn canvases very much preferred by startup paint party business clients . These are great for learning how to paint without the hassle of first learning how to draw.  DIY-ers and beginner painters have a stress-free learning curve with our products which enable them enjoy painting even if for the first time. If you’re looking to adopt art for stress relief, our predrawn canvases are the way to go. And if you love coloring, this is a good activity for you. find our other products on Amazon also at Etsy marketplace.

 We pride ourselves in rendering services that help individuals and businesses relax and create happiness. Happiness is a brand.


Happiness A - Founder - Happiness International LLC

My name is Happiness Akaniro. I am an artist and founder Bubalapa brand. I enjoy doing art and equally enjoy entrepreneurial pursuits. I am an designer, businessperson, and curator.



I encourage people to participate in one art form or the other because of arts’ inherent therapeutic benefits hence, making it a priority to encourage young people and non-artists to adopt making things as a hobby, this I have done for over 14 years alongside other projects I engage in. I feel greatly fulfilled to have been given the opportunity of this service




Bubalapa Couture - Fashion brand

BubaLapa fashion line consists of ready to wear African print t-shirts, Ankara fashion inspired tops and bottoms, African batik prints inspired designs by Happiness Akaniro a Nigerian born artist based in America. BubaLapa designs are inspired by the colors, symbols, and slogans of African ancestors of which many Africans identify with and live by because it holds true whichever way it's perceived from "top to bottom" as they say in the street of Africa. BubaLapa endeavors to create fashion designs statement that says AFRICA and expresses the love of Africa in many ways.  We at BubaLapa aim to speak Africa through wearable designs and out art prints.

BubaLapa is a coined African slang which organically means the best from head to toe - complete. top and bottom, or heads and tails that truly compliments. Fashion that is unique in every way. All weather, all occasion and still holding its own. It never fails to flatter and it fits in all occasions, never out of style. It's essential and the best of gifts to self and others. 

BubaLapa fashion line identifies with all the qualities of Buba Lapa , hence seeks to create an everyday wardrobe that speaks Africa, that is simple, wearable anytime, ready to wear and trendy no matter where or when. 

BubaLapa personifies Happiness: Happiness is a brand that is simple, it’s pure, it's flamboyant, it's colorful, and it’s African love. Its basic patterns but beautiful fashion. The name BubaLapa hence is symbolism with truths that stand the test of time, love that never change. 

BubaLapa designs identify with such truths as:

  • No amount of rain can wash a leopards spot. - We are vibrant BubaLapas!
  • The lion does not turn around when a small dog barks. - We hold our own at BubaLapa! 
  • There is no bad weather, only bad clothes. - BubaLapa designs only good clothes for all weather. 

If you feel us and also identify with the superb and time tested quality of African Buba & Lapas, shop BubaLapa Couture. We appreciate your business!

Remember, Happiness is a brand known as BubaLapa.